Lyme Disease Testimonial

We received the following letter from a recent patient of the Lee Clinic

Date: Mon, 6 Sep 2010 11:59:52 -0700
From:  patient
Subject: Biofilm Protocol for Lyme disease

Hi all,
I want to share some good news for a change!  My daughter, Emily, has been suffering with Lyme for about 4 years now, took 2 years to get a proper diagnosis. She has been on various antibiotic combinations for nearly 2 years. The meds would keep most symptoms at bay sporadically, and as soon as she would take a break the Lyme symptoms would return, full blown, within 48 hours.
Through a posting from this yahoo group, we heard about Dr. William Lee giving a talk on biofilm. After hearing what Dr Lee had to say, we scheduled an appointment.   Dr. Lee emphasizes “the importance of hormonal evaluation, low dose Naltrexone, Biofilm protocol and IV Vitamin C to rebuild the immunity and thus treat the Lyme patient without antibiotics.”  

I have to say, I was initially a bit apprehensive when I saw the variety of treatments Dr. Lee offers on his web site, but my mother’s intuition (or mama radar, as I like to call it) was screaming that we were on to something with this doctor.  His plan to focus on jump starting my daughter’s very weak immune system, with physician’s grade vitamins, supplements, and hormones we hadn’t discussed with other docs, made a great deal of sense to us.   After reviewing her many lab reports, he pointed out all the areas where she was extremely deficient, with logical explanations as to why her body was reacting this way. Vitamin D is critical to immune system function, hers was extrememly low, her thyroid was barely functional (goiter) which explained her weight gain and hormonal issues, and basically all her key vitamin/mineral/ hormone levels were way off.
He then prescribed a very detailed regiment of vitamins, supplements, thyroid meds, progesterone, etc., very specific based on her current levels, and really helped our 20 year old understand the importance of following it religously.  He explained in great detail the impact of each supplement on the immune system.   He didn’t want her to go cold turkey on the antibiotics, but hoped to wean her off gradually after he saw some improvement. He recommends various physician-grade products which his office can order for you… and we were a bit hesitant at first (the “is this a racket flags” went up briefly), but after doing our own comparisons on the Internet we found his prices very comparable.
It is now six weeks since my daughter started the Biofilm Protocol, and I am so relieved and elated to say that we have our healthy daughter back!  She feels great, no more joint pain, she has her energy back, and is our bubbly girl again!  Dr Lee says she responded much more quickly than most patients, mainly do to her religous adherence to the protocol, her youth, and her determination to exercise no matter how bad she felt (she was a runner and Irish Step Dancer before Lyme).  She will continue the Biofilm protocol for some time, the memory issues are still a problem and take the longest to subside.
Dr Lee says it varies, but most patients see some improvement in about 2-3 months, depending on their individual immune system, of course.
Like many of you, I’m sure, I was beginning to lose hope and was worried that Emily would never return to good health.  Knowing how so many of you struggle daily with this horrible disease and the  frustrating controversies on top of everything, I wanted to share this hopeful news.
Here’s Dr Lee’s info, and while he doesn’t take insurance, his fees are more reasonable than most.
The hormone test can be very expensive, but insurance may cover it.

William M Lee, M.D.  He has offices in Winchester and Leesburg
540 542 1700